TOM CORBETT 2011Wow, you stiff your suppliers after the bailout, you let the mall in steamtown to bankrupt so you can get the taxpayer to bail out that as well, but Boscov and pull 100K out of his butt to give to the outgoing Governor?!  Wow!

The breakdown is as follows.

04/23/2013 $30,000.00
06/21/2013 $20,000.00
11/20/2013 $50,000.00

This take the grand total to $467,393.15 since the bailout.

TOM CORBETT 2011The biggest donation of 2012 goes to Governor Corbett with one donation of 10K, another at 40K, and top it off with an additional 25K.

I can tell you that this is about thwarting a challenge from Bruce Castor who is considered an enemy of Corbett’s money man Bob Asher who happens to be a big supplier for Al Boscov.  Next time you go into a Boscov’s department store, go to the candy section, and you will notice that all the chocolates are Asher’s Chocolates as in Bob Asher.  Al Boscov needs Asher’s boy Corbett to stay in power for more pay to play games.

This now takes the grand total to $338,726.65 since Al Boscov got all that bailout money from Ed Rendell.

We are now over the 300K mark.


TOM CORBETT 2011It seems that not only does The Governor accept money to turn a blind eye while little boys get penetrated in the anus at Penn State, he accepts money from Al Boscov as well.  This now takes the total amount received by The Governor to $27,500.00 and a grand total to other political figures to $204,350.00.  We are now talking CTA type numbers soon.


Well I have to say, I have lost the very little amount of respect I have had for Joe Scarnati now which was a kernel of corn in my latest turd.  I have since flushed the toilet!

This now takes the total amount that Joe Scarnati has received to $10,000.00 and a grand total of all taxpayer money given to politicians by Al Boscov to $46,250.00.  THIS IS MORE THAN SOME PEOPLE MAKE IN A FREAKING YEAR!


When is this madness going to end?!  The more I see this, the less hopeful I am for a better Pennsylvania.  I’d like to know how many private attorneys accept money like this without the risk of being disbarred over ethics issues?

That now takes Tom Corbett’s total amount to $17,500 of our money given to him by Al Boscov, and a grand total of $36,250.00 of our taxpayer money to date.


Lt. Governor Joe Scarnati is the latest person to receive money from Al Boscov.  Joe Scarnati is also a member of The Republican Leadership in The PA Senate.  Joe Scarnati also voted for the famous 2005 pay raise.  Joe Scarnati should be a shame of himself.  It is ok to stiff suppliers and the private sector, but try stiffing government.

This now takes the total amount of taxpayer money spent on politicians to $33,750.00.


It’s amazing how we had Tom Corbett during the campaign saying that Government has not business supplying bailout money to private companies by interfering with the free market, but look what we have here, Tom Corbett accepted $15,000 from Al Boscov while Al Boscov takes a bailout from Ed Rendell, and continues to give massive amounts of money to politicians.  Why?

This now takes the total of taxpayer money spent by Al Boscov to $24,250.00 while the rest of us have to suck on eggs!