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A trend we are seeing more and more with Al Boscov to hide Berks GOP candidates mainly who don’t want to be punked by this site.

Never the less it is what it is, and it now takes the grand total to $263,726.65 since The Boscov Bailout.


Joe_Scarnati1Other than looking like the result of what happens when a chipmunk and a garbage pail kid have a baby, Joe Scarnati is a regular to being reported on this site and a political bottom feeder who has received over a million from Al Boscov over the years, this one should come as no shock.

This now takes the total to $253,726.65 since The Boscov’s bailout.


David-FreedOther than looking constipated in this picture, the amount of money David Freed received from Al Boscov is enough to give you the runs out of your mouth.  For those outside of Pennsylvania, David Freed was the establishment candidate for AG in 2012 with the purpose of giving Penn State and Jerry Sandusky a pass for children being raped, and despite the $10,000.00 given to him by Al Boscov, Kathleen Kane won.

This now takes the grand total to $243,726.65.  Since the bailout.


BriggsDemocrat State Rep. Tim Briggs received 2 $1,000.00 donations from Al Boscov in 2012.

This now takes the grand total to $233,726.65. Since The Boscov Bailout.


SaarBy far the lowest in Boscov’s pot of bailout gold goes to Erik Saar for $500.00

This now takes the grand total to $272,726.65
since the bailout.


RozziEven State Reps. of the freshman variety are getting money for 2012 in this case being Mark Rozzi.  I personally have respect for Mark, and his business ethics in the private sector, but the rules of this site are clear, and I hope Mark considers putting that $1,000.00 back into his community and does not get sucked into the black hole of Al Boscov’s fools gold.

This now takes the grand total to $232,226.65. Since The Boscov’s Bailout.


patrick-murphyOne thing I found interesting is that Boscov did not give any money to Kathleen Kane thus far, but he did donate well to Patrick Murphy in the amount of $5,000.00.

This now takes the grand total to $231,226.65. in campaign donations since The Boscov’s Bailout.


SchwankYes another popular bottom feeder of Al Boscov’s bailout money none other than Judy Schwank.  Judy Schwank received 4 contributions in 2012.  2 for $1,000.00 each, one for $1,426.65, and another for $250.00.

This now takes the grand total to $226,226.65 in contributions that Al Boscov gave to politicians since The Boscov’s Bailout.  Why are we giving bailout money to Boscov saying he’s broke, but yet all of these politicians are getting boatloads of cash?  I think this site answers that question without having to say it.


With all the butt kissing that The Berks GOP does from Christian Leinbach, to Jim McHale, they still can’t get Al Boscov’s pot of bailout gold, but yet The Berks Democrats manage to get $200.00 for 2012.

This now takes the grand total $222,550.00 since The Boscov’s Bailout.


HaggerityThe latest person to receive bailout money is none other than State Rep. Kevin Haggerty.

This now takes the grand total to $222,350.00 since The Boscov’s Bailout.