BriggsDemocrat State Rep. Tim Briggs received 2 $1,000.00 donations from Al Boscov in 2012.

This now takes the grand total to $233,726.65. Since The Boscov Bailout.


SchwankYes another popular bottom feeder of Al Boscov’s bailout money none other than Judy Schwank.  Judy Schwank received 4 contributions in 2012.  2 for $1,000.00 each, one for $1,426.65, and another for $250.00.

This now takes the grand total to $226,226.65 in contributions that Al Boscov gave to politicians since The Boscov’s Bailout.  Why are we giving bailout money to Boscov saying he’s broke, but yet all of these politicians are getting boatloads of cash?  I think this site answers that question without having to say it.


An Interesting Example Of A Boscov’s Shopper!

This was taken by some awesome Security Guards at The Berkshire Mall as this lady approaches Boscov’s texting and falls into the fountain.  At least she did not need any Boscov’s bailout money to get her out of the fountain!