SchwankWell looks like the googly eyed frosted flake did not get too much from her pimp in 2013.

This takes the grand total to $467,893.15

SchwankYes another popular bottom feeder of Al Boscov’s bailout money none other than Judy Schwank.  Judy Schwank received 4 contributions in 2012.  2 for $1,000.00 each, one for $1,426.65, and another for $250.00.

This now takes the grand total to $226,226.65 in contributions that Al Boscov gave to politicians since The Boscov’s Bailout.  Why are we giving bailout money to Boscov saying he’s broke, but yet all of these politicians are getting boatloads of cash?  I think this site answers that question without having to say it.


For a guy that continues to run unopposed one election cycle after another, because The Berks GOP has a hands off policy against anybody in The City of Reading, this guy continues to receive more and more cash.  Unconfirmed reports have suggested that The Berks GOP receives kickbacks from Tom Caltagirone and other Democrats if they agree not to run candidates against them.  State Senator Judy Schwank is another example of receiving a lot of money and is running unopposed this year.  That now takes the total amount received by Mr. Caltagirone to $1,200.00 and a grand total of $205,350.00 spent on politicians since The Boscov bailout.


On 2-17-2011, Al Bosocv made a political contribution to State Senator Judy Schwank of $5,000.00.  As of this writing The Boscov suppliers continued to get screwed.  Remember Al Boscov needed a bailout from Ed Rendell to buy his company back under the guise that he had no money, but somehow he can give thousands upon thousands of dollars to his political friends, who we the taxpayer pay their salaries.  If Al Boscov really cared about the people in this community he would compensate them for their losses instead of giving people like Judy Schwank bailout money.

This now takes grand total of taxpayer money used to fund political coffers to $171,250.00.  This is a complete outrage during these tough economic times, and it is completely unethical that Republicans & Democrats are receiving money that rightfully belongs to the businesses that sustained serious losses as a result of the sloth of Boscov’s.