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Quiet For The Moment…. Or Not?

Well you can tell this is an off year election, and therefore, Al Boscov has been quiet in donations to his political friends lately.  There are current unconfirmed sources that claim that Al Boscov has been donating to Berks County Commissioner Christian Leinbach, as well as Democrat Mayor Candidate for Reading Vaughn Spencer in the amounts of $10,000 each.  If anybody has solid information to confirm this, please leave us a comment and let us know.

We are interested in all campaign donations that Al Boscov makes since he received bailout money.

Thank you

Senator Scarnati wants to advocate an “impact fee” on Shale drilling in this Commonwealth, but where is the impact fee for Mr. Boscov to repay all of the suppliers that were stiffed out of thousands of dollars?  That’s right there is none and Al Boscov received bailout money on top of it at our expense.  The way Al Boscov gives money to these people we have to ask ourselves why did he need a bailout on our dime?

This now take the total amount of money received by Joe Scarnati to $35,000.00.

The grand total of all political contributions made by Al Boscov since the bailout is now $166,250.00.


It’s seems John Blake is now Al Boscov’s Bitch!  John Blake ran his whole election fund from the looks of it through funding of taxpayer money.  Once again Al Boscov was so broke, so poor, that he could not afford the complete amount of repurchasing his department store chain without the help of you and me, but yet Al Boscov can now spend a grand total of $97,250.00 of our taxpayer money toward his political friends!

Hey General Assembly.  We know this pisses you off, and get used to it.  While you people continue to abuse your elected offices, we in the real world continue to barely make ends meat because our tax burdens are so high in this state, and we continue to get more angry at you when you take that money and decide to give bailouts to people like Al Boscov.  General Assembly, you are put on notice.


Well I have to say, I have lost the very little amount of respect I have had for Joe Scarnati now which was a kernel of corn in my latest turd.  I have since flushed the toilet!

This now takes the total amount that Joe Scarnati has received to $10,000.00 and a grand total of all taxpayer money given to politicians by Al Boscov to $46,250.00.  THIS IS MORE THAN SOME PEOPLE MAKE IN A FREAKING YEAR!


Lt. Governor Joe Scarnati is the latest person to receive money from Al Boscov.  Joe Scarnati is also a member of The Republican Leadership in The PA Senate.  Joe Scarnati also voted for the famous 2005 pay raise.  Joe Scarnati should be a shame of himself.  It is ok to stiff suppliers and the private sector, but try stiffing government.

This now takes the total amount of taxpayer money spent on politicians to $33,750.00.