Well if I did not read the source to this, I would have thought that Dan Onorato won this money in a clown contest, or with his eyebrows look like one of those unusual puppets in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

This now takes the total amount received by Dan Onorato to $27,000.00, and a grand total of taxpayer money spent by Al Boscov for his political friends to $72,250.00.

Source: http://www.campaignfinance.state.pa.us/ContributionSearchResults.aspx?RequestID=436681&SortOrder=0&StartRow=1&RowsPerPage=17

Well I must say that Al Boscov is a Bi-Partisan Tax Pimp, since his money goes both ways, but regardless of party, we will continue to expose the corrupt bastards that continue to sell our Commonwealth and Nation down the river.

It’s amazing when you read the stitches on the fastball, how both of our candidates for Governor pretend to fight against bailouts, but yet seem to continue to accept them through backdoor channels.  This case being Dan Onorato.  This now takes the total amount of money that Al Boscov has given to elected officials since his bailout of his department store to $26,250.00 of OUR MONEY!

Al Boscov, why is it ok to stiff your suppliers, but not stiff politicians?

Source: http://www.campaignfinance.state.pa.us/ContributionSearchResults.aspx?RequestID=436681&SortOrder=0&StartRow=1&RowsPerPage=17