I got a question for everybody.  If we took bailout money and spent it on buying politicians would we not be in jail?  Chris Doherty must have been a good boy, because Al Boscov has given him a nice reward of $12,500.00.  Remember Al Boscov was so broke that he needed a bailout from Ed Rendell, but yet he all of this money to spend on this.  This now take the total amount received from Chris Doherty to $17,500.00 and a grand total of money spent by Al Boscov on his political friends to $124,750.00. Al Boscov are your suppliers paid yet?

Source:  http://www.campaignfinance.state.pa.us/ContributionSearchResults.aspx?RequestID=448369&SortOrder=0&StartRow=1&RowsPerPage=19

It looks like Al Boscov is Bi-Political 🙂

Chris Doherty the guy who was defeated by fellow taxpayer bottom feeder John Blake received $5,000.00 from Al Boscov.  Al Boscov continues to have his hand out for our taxpayer dollars, but yet he can’t put his own money into his own causes.  Why Al Boscov?

This now takes the total amount of taxpayer money spent by Al Boscov to fund politicians at $102,250.00.

Chris Doherty, why don’t you stop being a leach like the rest of these punks and return that dirty money to the people?

Source: http://www.campaignfinance.state.pa.us/ContributionSearchResults.aspx?RequestID=436681&SortOrder=0&StartRow=1&RowsPerPage=17