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For a city with nearly 90,000 people and only 6,000 – 7,000 turnout to vote at best, I must say this is a lot of money to go into a mayoral candidate.  Al Boscov can claim poverty when allowing The Mall at Steamtown in Scranton, PA to go into foreclosure, he can claim poverty to get a bailout for his department store chain while stiffing suppliers out of amounts much smaller than what he is donating to Vaughn Spencer here.

When somebody cheats on their taxes, The IRS does not hesitate to call out the individual when they somehow have all this money to buy the luxuries of life, and I think after this report, people should really consider what makes Boscov the exception, because if you or I did this, we would be undergoing painful audits year after year to
explain ourselves.

Mayor Spencer received $10,000 on 1-20-2015, $40,000 on 2-15-2015, and $20,000 on 4-30-2015.

This takes the grand total now to $549,893.15 of taxpayer money used since this bailout.

Source:  Berks County Court House

RozziEven State Reps. of the freshman variety are getting money for 2012 in this case being Mark Rozzi.  I personally have respect for Mark, and his business ethics in the private sector, but the rules of this site are clear, and I hope Mark considers putting that $1,000.00 back into his community and does not get sucked into the black hole of Al Boscov’s fools gold.

This now takes the grand total to $232,226.65. Since The Boscov’s Bailout.


SchwankYes another popular bottom feeder of Al Boscov’s bailout money none other than Judy Schwank.  Judy Schwank received 4 contributions in 2012.  2 for $1,000.00 each, one for $1,426.65, and another for $250.00.

This now takes the grand total to $226,226.65 in contributions that Al Boscov gave to politicians since The Boscov’s Bailout.  Why are we giving bailout money to Boscov saying he’s broke, but yet all of these politicians are getting boatloads of cash?  I think this site answers that question without having to say it.


With all the butt kissing that The Berks GOP does from Christian Leinbach, to Jim McHale, they still can’t get Al Boscov’s pot of bailout gold, but yet The Berks Democrats manage to get $200.00 for 2012.

This now takes the grand total $222,550.00 since The Boscov’s Bailout.


HaggerityThe latest person to receive bailout money is none other than State Rep. Kevin Haggerty.

This now takes the grand total to $222,350.00 since The Boscov’s Bailout.


For a guy that continues to run unopposed one election cycle after another, because The Berks GOP has a hands off policy against anybody in The City of Reading, this guy continues to receive more and more cash.  Unconfirmed reports have suggested that The Berks GOP receives kickbacks from Tom Caltagirone and other Democrats if they agree not to run candidates against them.  State Senator Judy Schwank is another example of receiving a lot of money and is running unopposed this year.  That now takes the total amount received by Mr. Caltagirone to $1,200.00 and a grand total of $205,350.00 spent on politicians since The Boscov bailout.


This is by far one of the biggest receivers of political donations by Al Boscov at the expense of the taxpayer.  Senator Blake gets an additional $1,000.00 on top of the $30,000.00 he has received prior to that.  This now take the total amount received by John Blake to $31,000.00, and a grand total of $194,350.00 in taxpayer funded donations to politicians.


Well I see Al Boscov is at it again.  He has all this money to give to his political friends, but is claiming poverty for his stores and has yet to repay the taxpayer bailout of his business.  This now takes the grand total of taxpayer money used to bribe political friends of Al Boscov to $193,350.00. 


Well it did not take too long for Al Boscov to start using our taxpayer money once again to donate to his political friends.  The same Al Boscov that needed bailout money from Ed Rendell, because he claimed he was too poor to buy back his failed department store chain, but somehow can donate well over 6 figures to multiple politicians and candidates for office since receiving his bailout money while the hardworking taxpayers and business owners that Boscov owed money to are told to eat it.

The latest person to receive Boscov’s bailout money is none other than Reading City Council President Vaughn Spencer who happens to be running for Mayor.  This donation is according to campaign finance sheets that were brought to our attention by Ernie Schlegel.

This now takes the grand total of donations made by Boscov since receiving bailout money to $193,250.00.  If Vaughn Spencer is going to take this dirty money, why does he deserve to be elected the next Mayor of Reading?