This site was designed to expose the constant corruption of known Pennsylvania Tax Pimp Al Boscov.  Al Boscov needed a bailout for Boscov’s Department Stores, because he has no money, but yet can continue to donate massive amounts of money to his political friends and in the process stiff his suppliers out of thousands upon thousands of dollars.  We at this site believe it is unethical and wrong, and our goal with this site is to hopefully encourage Al Boscov to repay the people he took goods and services from with a promise to pay them for such services.  When you and me stiff people out of debts that we owe, it shows on our credit, and in some cases we can have judgements levied upon us until such a debt is paid.  In Al Boscov’s case he gets rewarded for bad behavior by receiving a multimillion dollar bailout from HUD Funds intended to help people obtain affordable housing.

Let’s be clear we here at this site don’t hold any hatred for Al Boscov.  We are free market individuals that believe that the free market is best equipped to handle the problems facing our economy.  We simply want to educate people on a better way of doing things compared to the current mantra of running over a dollar to pick up a nickel.

This site is bi-partisan.  You will see as you comb through this site that both Republicans and Democrats and even some Judges are listed several times over.  This site is constructed to shed light onto the political donations of Al Boscov and who the political bottom feeders are that have been receiving his money.