I got a question for everybody.  If we took bailout money and spent it on buying politicians would we not be in jail?  Chris Doherty must have been a good boy, because Al Boscov has given him a nice reward of $12,500.00.  Remember Al Boscov was so broke that he needed a bailout from Ed Rendell, but yet he all of this money to spend on this.  This now take the total amount received from Chris Doherty to $17,500.00 and a grand total of money spent by Al Boscov on his political friends to $124,750.00. Al Boscov are your suppliers paid yet?

Source:  http://www.campaignfinance.state.pa.us/ContributionSearchResults.aspx?RequestID=448369&SortOrder=0&StartRow=1&RowsPerPage=19