As you can see, we have added quite a bit of content exposing the donations Al Boscov continues to give to his political friends, at the same time taking bailout money from Governor Ed Rendell.  In this bad economy we are all hurting for honest work, a stable roof over our heads, and food on the table.  America is a place for everybody to put their dreams into the private sector and compete in an equal free market.  This is what we want for everybody, sadly Al Boscov does not want that.  Al Boscov thinks that the rules don’t apply to him.  Al Boscov’s stores should have been allowed to fail under a free market, but since he is good friends with politicians he gives money to on a regular basis, he gets rewarded with the fruits of our labor by the people we elect to represent us.

That is not only unfair it is Anti-American, and people like us refuse to stay silent.

Stay tuned, because more content will be added to this site tomorrow.