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With all the butt kissing that The Berks GOP does from Christian Leinbach, to Jim McHale, they still can’t get Al Boscov’s pot of bailout gold, but yet The Berks Democrats manage to get $200.00 for 2012.

This now takes the grand total $222,550.00 since The Boscov’s Bailout.


HaggerityThe latest person to receive bailout money is none other than State Rep. Kevin Haggerty.

This now takes the grand total to $222,350.00 since The Boscov’s Bailout.


ArgallAl Boscov continues to claim poverty, but yet can still manage to send bailout money to politicians. The latest one being State Senator David Argall.  Senator Argall received two $5,000 contributions from Al Boscov in 2012 totaling $10,000 of your money.

This takes the grand total to $220,350.00 of taxpayer money that has gone to politicians since The Boscov’s bailout.