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Well even Fast Eddie needs some money from Al Boscov, I’m guessing to pay those divorce bills!  Better yet John Streets legal bills!

We don’t need to comment about Rendell any further since we all know he is a complete slime bag.  This takes the total amount of taxpayer money spent by Al Boscov to $141,250.00.


Well look at this crap!  John Yudichak receives $5,000.00 of bailout money thanks to Al Boscov.  This is a good example of what is wrong with politics today.  If Al Boscov is doing this on the state level, just picture what is happening on The Federal level with all of the bailout money.

This now takes the grand total of bailout money spent by Al Boscov to $131,250.00.  It’s amazing on what elite snobs like to do with other people’s money, but never spend their own.  That’s why they always leave office extremely wealthy, they never spend any of it!


Well even Mr. HGA Ace Ventura himself Dante Santoni receives stolen money from the taxpayers thanks to Al Boscov.  Does this money really look like it is being spent for the benefit of Boscov’s Department Stores?  Hey Dante you stupid ass, how about you give that money to HGA so their school can finally afford a nurse on staff?  I guess you don’t care if there is a nurse there all of the time for the kids since you use your private nurse for your kids paid for by the taxpayer.

Bottom Feeding PRICK!

This now takes the grand total of taxpayer money used by Al Boscov to $126,250.00.


I got a question for everybody.  If we took bailout money and spent it on buying politicians would we not be in jail?  Chris Doherty must have been a good boy, because Al Boscov has given him a nice reward of $12,500.00.  Remember Al Boscov was so broke that he needed a bailout from Ed Rendell, but yet he all of this money to spend on this.  This now take the total amount received from Chris Doherty to $17,500.00 and a grand total of money spent by Al Boscov on his political friends to $124,750.00. Al Boscov are your suppliers paid yet?


More Posts Coming Soon!

We have more updates on more bailout money being spent by Al Boscov to his political friends.  We will be updating this site later today.

Stay Tuned!