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Lt. Governor Joe Scarnati is the latest person to receive money from Al Boscov.  Joe Scarnati is also a member of The Republican Leadership in The PA Senate.  Joe Scarnati also voted for the famous 2005 pay raise.  Joe Scarnati should be a shame of himself.  It is ok to stiff suppliers and the private sector, but try stiffing government.

This now takes the total amount of taxpayer money spent on politicians to $33,750.00.


I know Jim Reitnour will love this one, since Joe Hoeffel is near and dear to his heart ;).  He knows I’m kidding, since he can’t stand his ass.

What is interesting is that Al Boscov had no money to buy back his department stores, and needed a bailout from Ed Rendell, and The HUD fund, but yet look at all of the money Al Boscov is giving to these politicians.  Are they kickbacks?  In opinion I think so, the latest being Montgomery County Democrat Party Kingpin, and former Congressman Joe Hoeffel.

This now takes the total amount of money Al Boscov has spent since his bailout to $28,750.00. Maybe Al Boscov should pass this money to his business, or give his employees better wages than the crap they are on now, or better yet lower his prices that he actually can get business in a free market.


Well I must say that Al Boscov is a Bi-Partisan Tax Pimp, since his money goes both ways, but regardless of party, we will continue to expose the corrupt bastards that continue to sell our Commonwealth and Nation down the river.

It’s amazing when you read the stitches on the fastball, how both of our candidates for Governor pretend to fight against bailouts, but yet seem to continue to accept them through backdoor channels.  This case being Dan Onorato.  This now takes the total amount of money that Al Boscov has given to elected officials since his bailout of his department store to $26,250.00 of OUR MONEY!

Al Boscov, why is it ok to stiff your suppliers, but not stiff politicians?


It’s amazing how we had Tom Corbett during the campaign saying that Government has not business supplying bailout money to private companies by interfering with the free market, but look what we have here, Tom Corbett accepted $15,000 from Al Boscov while Al Boscov takes a bailout from Ed Rendell, and continues to give massive amounts of money to politicians.  Why?

This now takes the total of taxpayer money spent by Al Boscov to $24,250.00 while the rest of us have to suck on eggs!


Well it seems Al Boscov does not need bailout money from Ed Rendell if he can afford to give away this much money to PA Democrats at the same time stiffing suppliers.  This now takes the total amount up to $9,250.00 of our money that Al Boscov could have used toward investing in his own company, rather than have you and me bail his ass out!