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An Interesting Example Of A Boscov’s Shopper!

This was taken by some awesome Security Guards at The Berkshire Mall as this lady approaches Boscov’s texting and falls into the fountain.  At least she did not need any Boscov’s bailout money to get her out of the fountain!

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As you can see, we have added quite a bit of content exposing the donations Al Boscov continues to give to his political friends, at the same time taking bailout money from Governor Ed Rendell.  In this bad economy we are all hurting for honest work, a stable roof over our heads, and food on the table.  America is a place for everybody to put their dreams into the private sector and compete in an equal free market.  This is what we want for everybody, sadly Al Boscov does not want that.  Al Boscov thinks that the rules don’t apply to him.  Al Boscov’s stores should have been allowed to fail under a free market, but since he is good friends with politicians he gives money to on a regular basis, he gets rewarded with the fruits of our labor by the people we elect to represent us.

That is not only unfair it is Anti-American, and people like us refuse to stay silent.

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Even the dead deserves some cash.  Last I checked, we won’t be seeing this money returned to the taxpayers anytime soon.

Hey Bishop John Barres, do you still consider Mike O’Pake a good Catholic despite him receiving stolen/dirty money (in my opinion)?  Better yet how about all of money in economic growth that O’Pake chased out of the area over just the past decade alone?  How about Mike O’Pake supporting Abortion Bishop John Barres?  Why don’t Bishop Barres actually help people actually struggling and make them success stories, rather than kiss the ass of politicians like O’Pake, Santoni, etc.  Did Jesus Christ kiss the ass of The Roman Empire?

This now take the tally of tax pimped money to $112,250.00.


It looks like Al Boscov is Bi-Political 🙂

Chris Doherty the guy who was defeated by fellow taxpayer bottom feeder John Blake received $5,000.00 from Al Boscov.  Al Boscov continues to have his hand out for our taxpayer dollars, but yet he can’t put his own money into his own causes.  Why Al Boscov?

This now takes the total amount of taxpayer money spent by Al Boscov to fund politicians at $102,250.00.

Chris Doherty, why don’t you stop being a leach like the rest of these punks and return that dirty money to the people?


It’s seems John Blake is now Al Boscov’s Bitch!  John Blake ran his whole election fund from the looks of it through funding of taxpayer money.  Once again Al Boscov was so broke, so poor, that he could not afford the complete amount of repurchasing his department store chain without the help of you and me, but yet Al Boscov can now spend a grand total of $97,250.00 of our taxpayer money toward his political friends!

Hey General Assembly.  We know this pisses you off, and get used to it.  While you people continue to abuse your elected offices, we in the real world continue to barely make ends meat because our tax burdens are so high in this state, and we continue to get more angry at you when you take that money and decide to give bailouts to people like Al Boscov.  General Assembly, you are put on notice.


Well if I did not read the source to this, I would have thought that Dan Onorato won this money in a clown contest, or with his eyebrows look like one of those unusual puppets in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

This now takes the total amount received by Dan Onorato to $27,000.00, and a grand total of taxpayer money spent by Al Boscov for his political friends to $72,250.00.


Well this one does not come as a shock in my opinion since Kessler is the the biggest political hack tool in The General Assembly.  Maybe Kessler will spend that money on a sex doll?

This now takes the total amount of our taxpayer money spent by Al Boscov to line the pockets of his political friends to $47,250.00.


Well I have to say, I have lost the very little amount of respect I have had for Joe Scarnati now which was a kernel of corn in my latest turd.  I have since flushed the toilet!

This now takes the total amount that Joe Scarnati has received to $10,000.00 and a grand total of all taxpayer money given to politicians by Al Boscov to $46,250.00.  THIS IS MORE THAN SOME PEOPLE MAKE IN A FREAKING YEAR!


Well it looks like the new senator knows how to take a bribe in my opinion.  How can this ass claim to work for the people when he takes political bribes of bailout money?

This now takes the total amount of our taxpayer money spent by Al Boscov to fund politicians to $41,250.00. For that money Al Boscov could have repaid suppliers, or even hired a few part time employees to man his stores better and provide better service, but I guess that’s too easy?


When is this madness going to end?!  The more I see this, the less hopeful I am for a better Pennsylvania.  I’d like to know how many private attorneys accept money like this without the risk of being disbarred over ethics issues?

That now takes Tom Corbett’s total amount to $17,500 of our money given to him by Al Boscov, and a grand total of $36,250.00 of our taxpayer money to date.